The seal of Recuperation

An illness, by definition, is a disruption of balance. Because it has such an agonizing impact on our body, we mistakingly think that this situation reflects our entire being. We tend to identify with the sickness and feel overpowered by it. The physical pain gets out of proportion, affecting us mentally, adding frustration and demoralization. A continuing state of mind such as this might inflate and become an unbearable state of being, even at the slightest difficulty.

“Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt
thou trample under feet”

Psalm 91:13

The seal of Recuperation is engraved with a scorpion – a symbol of a living being that can kill itself with a venomous strike, and equivalently holds the vaccine. It helps the ill recuperate from sickness by strengthening the owner’s physical stamina, while denying negative forces.
It reconnects its owner with their healthy intuition, resulting in stronger will power, immune by belief.

The seals are embedded with verses from the bible, sacred geometry, and angelic writing. Through them, we can decipher the secret codes to create resonance within, and live a life we are worthy of living each day.

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