The Seal of Harmony

What is this harmony that aligns all aspects of our life, keeping our movement flowing towards creation and productiveness?

We might not be aware, but our core continually strives to be in harmony with everything that surrounds us. When it’s missing from us, something just “doesn’t feel right”, and prevents us from gaining a sense of tranquility & progress.

The Seal of Harmony is one to generate the balance required for its owner. It evokes inner strength and renewed energy that grows onto courage, faith, confidence & self-esteem.

And when one enjoys such motivating flow in their life, they are available to choose their path as they see fit, without energetic overload, without any conflict to stifle them with confusion or regret.

The Seal of Harmony summons frequencies of friendship, relationships and partnerships, to enrich its owner’s life abundantly.

The seals are embedded with verses from the bible, sacred geometry, and angelic writing. Through them, we can decipher the secret codes to create resonance within, and live a life we are worthy of living each day.

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