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Arriving at the point where you require a change in life begins with a very important step in the journey to self-fulfillment: Observation. It is simply inevitable to face your problems without taking a deep look inside, to set your intention for relief. This isn’t an easy thing to do, and it is much helpful to do so with another pair of eyes to clear the way for you, get focus, and proceed to apply the change successfully.

Master Joseph Kefir has devoted his life to helping people identify what it is that interrupts their happiness. Following a life-long experience of consulting and applying the knowledge of Kabbalah and King Solomon’s wisdom, Joseph directs his attendees into realizing what their principle vulnerability is, onto working their way out of the negative flow that surrounds them in their needed situation.

Taking charge of things

Failing to recognize the main problem that is responsible for the majority of our deficiencies in life, creates an ongoing state of mind that makes us confront our lackings time after time, not being able to see the whole picture.

This healing process that is designed to clear your path was crafted as an expert modality of enabling people to put aside the stagnating patterns, widen their awareness to powers they didn’t realize they own, and learn how to break the cycle.

Discover your unique abilities to heal. Start with an observation – set a consultation with Master Kefir.


Choose the life you want to live. Discover the seals to point you the way

44 seals were left to us by the wisest of all men, the one who unlocked the mysteries of Creation. With their magical power and sacred engravings of codes that unveil the enigma of life, King Solomon’s Seals contain the power to help

you transform your life altogether.

How can you use them to find good health, tranquility, livelihood, love?

Which seals will enable you to reach the goals you’re destined to achieve?

Find out which seal matches you best


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